Don't Tell Alex

The party game for bachelor,

bachelorette, and birthday bar crawls.

A night you'll talk about

Don't Tell Alex creates the perfect environment for an award winning party. You know that feeling where you can do whatever you want and everyone loves it? We do. 

Great for any group

Guys? Gals? Both!? Everyone will have a great time! Don't Tell Alex works just as well with a close knit group as with friends from far and wide. 

Whether participating or not, everyone's night is improved. The game blends into a normal night out, so players won't end up ignoring your weird friend who doesn't like fun.  

Easy to set up

When you buy the game, you get a PDF file. All you have to do is print it. We recommend spicing up the party with a Groom Hat, Bachelorette Outfit, and Light-up Engagement Rings

"I literally didn't plan ANYTHING else, and we all had an amazing time."

- Ashley P, Bride to be

Yours forever

Print it and play it as many times as you want. All this is only $10? You should buy it twice

"My buddy used this for his birthday. It was one of the best nights out I've had in SF."

- Dan K, Had a great time


- Alex S, Getting Married!

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